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SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SEM5000A series electronic calibration (ECal) modules, SSU5000A series mechanical switch, and SSM5000A series switch matrix, which are designed and optimized for use with firm’s SHA850A, SVA1000X, and SNA5000A series vector network analyzers. Products provide a comprehensive, cost-effective total solution for simple to complex RF measurement tasks on multiport and multiple devices.

SSU5000A Series Mechanical Switch meets the multiport test requirements of microwave and millimeter wave systems, with a frequency range of up to 50GHz. Switch has a compact design, enhanced RF characteristics, low insertion loss, improved impedance matching and fast switching time. It contains 1-4 independent single-pole double-throw mechanical switches with SMA or 2.4mm connectors or 1-2 single-pole six-throw mechanical switches.

SSM5000A Series Switch Matrix RF test systems increase quickly in complexity. When requirements go beyond the mechanical switch systems, an RF matrix switch system can often address this added complexity. RF matrix test solution is suitable for different frequencies and port requirements to fill this need. Product can expand the number of test ports of network analyzer, signal source, spectrum analyzer, and other equipment.

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