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NKK Switches has announced a customizable rotary switch for transportation/marine, communication, industrial and medical industries.

The HS/PS series can achieve multiple poles by stacking decks and are pre-assembled at the factory per customer requirements. Shafts are constructed of brass with nickel plating and the cases are molded in phenolic resin material. These standard size rotary devices have 30 degree indexing and are available in two to 11 positions. Molded at the top of the switch these devices have adjustable stopper positions that can be set as needed.
The HS16 series is rated at 12A @ 125V AC or 6A @ 250VAC. These rotary switches have a diameter of 55 mm and can be specified in single pole up through six poles and in shorting or nonshorting models. The mechanical life is rated at 15,000 operations minimum and electrical life is 7,500 operations minimum. Terminals are solder lug. The HS 16 series is UL recognized.
PS series devices are rated at 30A @ 125/250V AC. These nonshorting rotary switches have a diameter of 76 mm and are available in single pole up through five poles.  Screw terminals are featured on all models. Mechanical life is rated at 10,000 operations minimum and electrical rating is 5000 operations minimum.
Design engineers can specify the HS16 or PS series rotaries with either knurled or D-flat shafts. Two different size knobs constructed of phenolic resin are offered. These knobs are black with a white indicator line for setting positions and are designed for use with D-flat knob options.


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