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Smart connected sensors platform for full-body motion tracking

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Automation / Robotics Electronics AI body Bosch IMU-based movement programmable sensors smart wireless

BOSCH SENSORTEC Smart Connected Sensors platform ensures that movements and repetitions are not only measured, but that users get qualitative feedback on the movement execution. BHI380 programmable IMU-based sensor system uses AI functionality and is specifically designed for full-body motion tracking, product platform provides a fully integrated hardware and software solution that dramatically cuts development costs and time to market. Sensors provide wireless and ready-to-use full-body movement feedback. Wearable reference design (certified CE, FCC, ISED, MSIT, SRRC, MIC, NCC, UKCA) can be straightforwardly attached to any part of the body without having to handle cable clutter, an external camera or dedicated bodysuits. Software features including gesture and activity recognition, body movement detection, relative body angle information, as well as a feedback coach.

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(Foto: BOSCH / Jan Potente)


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