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Low energy Bluetooth chip serves tiny, ultra-low power devices

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Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors 5.4 Bluetooth chip low power semiconductor tiny

EM MICROELECTRONIC em|bleu Bluetooth 5.4 chip is a tiny, low power consumption device that delivers high quality and service for connected devices. Devices integrate a sleek design with power efficiency in the wireless technology arena. Engineered for peak performance in the most demanding use cases with the smallest footprint, this chip is suitable for seamlessly embedding Bluetooth functionality into even the most size- and power-constrained devices. Product enables reliable connectivity for a range of health monitoring devices, from blood pressure monitors to glucose tracking systems, as well as a solution for healthcare applications transitioning towards an interconnected, patient-focused model of care. By incorporating the latest Bluetooth 5.4 standards, device further improves the connection reliability, while adding new functionalities that unlock new use cases and increase the value to the end customer.

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