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Production utility speeds programming of embedded or removable media

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SEGGER FAT Image Creator is a production utility used to prepare a FAT file system for the rapid programming of embedded or removable media in production. Product creates a complete file system while keeping the images as small as possible in the process. By storing only relevant data inside the image, production programming time is reduced to a minimum. A typical image of a size of 20 MB can be programmed in a few seconds. Having just one file to work with, which includes multiple files and the directory structure, minimizes production to a single write operation – reducing the risk of errors and increases programming speed. The command line tool effortlessly integrates into a CI/CD process and removes all human interaction, enabling automatic creation of up-to-date production images. Files can be added as needed and directories can be easily created. The tool can create either a complete image (BIN file) or a condensed image containing only relevant sectors (Motorola S-record or MOT).

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