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Commercial fisheye camera extends field-of-view to 180-degrees

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2PI OPTICS High-resolution fisheye sensor is based on optical metalens technology, anticipated to further miniaturize the cameras used in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), AR/VR, UAVs, robotics and other industrial applications. The flat fisheye lens produces crisp, 180-degree panoramic images, replacing bulky and costly conventional wide-FOV lenses—which are typically composed of multiple stacked lens pieces—with a single, thin, flat metalens. Product enables the design of ultra-compact, high-performance optical imagers and sensors, and brings breakthrough, new capabilities to devices and sensors in a broad array of applications. Metasurface-enabled cameras and 3-D depth sensor modules can be configured for a diverse spectrum of specifications, targeting different markets. Their small size and weight present a crucial advantage for wearable devices such as headsets and handsets, and their ability to achieve a field of view matching that of human vision is essential to creating an immersive experience for users.

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