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Low-power all-in-one RF transceiver integrates analog / digital data conversion

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Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors analog Arctic digital low power RF semiconductor transceiver wireless

ARCTIC SEMICONDUCTOR SilverWings 4×4 low-power transceiver provides multi-stage up and down conversion from digital to RF and RF to digital, empowering programmable and adaptable system designs. Device seamlessly integrates high-performance analog capabilities with high-bandwidth digital features, incorporating Digital-IF and High-IF conversion methodologies to enhance performance while minimizing costs. Product stands out as a versatile all-in-one RF transceiver suitable for a wide array of applications, including wireless radios, satellite communication, repeaters, fixed-wireless access devices, user equipment, medical devices, and instrumentation. On the receiver end, device features an RF gain stage, facilitating ultra-fast Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to counter interference. Meanwhile, Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) is incorporated on the transmit side to mitigate external power amplifier non-linearity.

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