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Floating connectors deliver high-speed data transmission

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HARWIN Flecto floating connector family of board-to-board connectors address the data and power transfer demands of high-performance applications while accommodating small movements in multiple axes to support high-speed automated assembly and enhance resistance to shock and vibration during operational life. Offering up to 160 contacts in a symmetrical double row layout, products are available with three choices of miniature pitches: 0.5mm (.0197”), 0.635mm (.025”) and 0.8mm (0.0315”). By accommodating movement of up to ±0.5mm in both the X and Y axes, Flecto allows for accurate placement of multiple connectors between the same two pcbs where the sum of misalignments might, otherwise, present challenges for high-speed, high-precision mating. The positional tolerance flexibility of Flecto connectors also enhances system reliability by maintaining connection integrity during shock and vibration events and reducing the possibility of degradation or failure from ‘fretting’ – a situation that occurs when long-term vibration causes plating to wear from rigid mating pins, exposing the underlying alloy to potential oxidation.

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