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Highly modular DMM, CMM & EMM connectors are space-proven

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Electronics Interconnect cables connector FFC flat Flexible Interconnect modular space-proven

NICOMATIC DMM, CMM and EMM Series high-reliability, space-proven modular interconnects have all been specified in recent space applications. FFCs (flat flexible cables) include dense, lightweight flexible cables that ensure signal and power connection in all types of space applications. Designed to be folded or coiled, the FFCs deliver significant weight and space savings, while also overcoming space industry challenges by integrating cables into complete interconnect solutions. Manufactured from NASA-grade materials to meet outgassing requirements, FFCs create strong board-to-board connections on pcbs and display boards in electronic equipment, systems and sub-assemblies, linking data and power points in tight areas. The lighter, flexible interconnects ensure robust, reliable signal and power connection for electrical harnessing systems in satellites, exploration rovers, solar arrays, research orbiters, HD cameras, radar and satcomm systems, communication units, optical sensors and simulators.

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