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Analog-to-digital converter chip improves voice quality for cellular phones


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OTTAWA - Zarlink Semiconductor is reportedly the first company to develop advanced digital microphone technology that boosts the performance of the next generation of cellular phones.

Featuring ultra low-power mixed-signal design, the company’s chip is said to be the industry’s only analog-to-digital converter to meet the stringent performance specifications demanded by cell phone manufacturers.

Cellular handsets are quickly evolving into complete communication tools, with voice services augmented by applications ranging from camera, voice and music recorder capabilities, to text messaging and Internet access. As part of this transition, cellular phone manufacturers are converting from analog to digital microphone technology. For consumers, digital microphone technology offers better sound quality for voice and recorder applications, and superior noise cancellation capabilities to improve phone performance in noisy environments.

By supporting the full audio band up to 20 KHz, Zarlink’s converter helps achieve clearer sound quality in cell phones. The device also supports cellular phone stereo performance.



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