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High-speed IR emitters boost brightness over wider temp range

November 21, 2019  Stephen Law

VISHAY SEMICONDUCTORS VSMY5850X01 (850nm), VSMY5890X01 (890nm) and VSMY5940X01 (940nm) high-speed infrared (IR) emitters are built on firm’s SurfLight surface emitter chip technology, and deliver 30% greater radiant intensity than prior-generation devices, over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +110°C. Devices prevent unwanted side emissions that can cause a halo effect in camera images. Devices are housed in a small 2mm by 1.25mm by 0.8mm 0805 surface-mount package with opaque side walls. Units deliver fast rise and fall times of 7ns, low forward voltages down to 1.6V at 100mA and a floor life of 168 hours.

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