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November 21, 2019 by Stephen Law

High-speed IR emitters boost brightness over wider temp range

VISHAY SEMICONDUCTORS VSMY5850X01 (850nm), VSMY5890X01 (890nm) and VSMY5940X01 (940nm) high-speed infrared (IR) emitters are built on firm’s SurfLight surface emitter chip technology, and deliver 30% greater radiant intensity than prior-generation devices, over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +110°C. Devices…
October 27, 2019 by Stephen Law

Infrared thermometer delivers accurate, repeatable measurements

ITM INSTRUMENTS REED Instruments R2320 Professional Infrared Thermometer utilizes a precise infrared sensor that allows for more accurate and repeatable measurements to meet the needs of industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals. This thermometer features a 30:1 distance to spot ratio…
May 25, 2019 by Stephen Law

RGB-IR solution serves automotive cabin monitoring systems

OmniVision Technologies Inc. and GEO Semiconductor Inc. create a joint solution for capturing and processing high-quality color (RGB) and infrared (IR) automotive interior images, day and night, with one camera. Solution combines OmniVision’s OV2778 2MP RGB-Ir image sensor, delivering high…
June 15, 2018 by Stephen Law

Infrared pyrometer serves diverse temperature applications

FLUKE PROCESS INSTRUMENTS Thermalert 4.0 versatile infrared spot pyrometer delivers automatic, noncontact temperature measurement in harsh industrial environments. Intended for use with temperatures of -40°C to 2,250°C, product series comprises 13 models with varied spectral responses, including dedicated sensors for metals,…
April 19, 2017 by Stephen Law

IR camera detects with infrared thermography

AEMC Model 1950 Infrared Thermal Imaging IR Camera is equipped with infrared thermography detection technology, which provides a real-time non-contact inspection method that does not require user to shut off power, shut down the equipment or interrupt production. Unit can…
March 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

Infrared LEDs communicate between distributed luminaires

OSRAM OPTO Oslon SFH 4725S line of high power infrared LEDs enable lighting installations to act with swarm-like intelligence. The infrared (IR) devices provide enough optical power to ensure communication for all possible setups. Device is based on stack technology…