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Cleaning chemistries serve post-CMP cleaning, post-etch residue removal

DUPONT EKC PCMP2110 cleaner, EKC PCMP3210 cleaner and EKC 590 CuSolve remover for precision cleaning and surface preparation in semiconductor fabrication processes including front- and back-end-of-line wafer processes, packaging and assembly. EKC PCMP2110 is formulated for emerging logic and memory CMP processes that use ceria-based slurries. At advanced nodes, cleaning after ceria CMP is challenging due to increasingly higher removal rate requirements and the small ceria particle size. EKC PCMP2110 provides better post-CMP (PCMP) cleaning performance than specialized cleans used in the marketplace today, while also making it possible to eliminate post wet bench commodity clean steps such as sulfuric peroxide mixture (SPM) or sulfuric acid.

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