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Azure Dynamics add to Canada Post's Green Fleet with Hybrid Electric Technology


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Azure Dynamics Corporation announced that it has received an order for five Balance Hybrid Electric delivery trucks from Canada Post. The five vehicles will serve at Canada Post facilities across Canada and are part of Canada Post's stated effort to replace 3,000 aged vehicles over the next five years. The vehicles will be delivered in the first quarter of 2010.

Canada Post uses more than 7,000 vehicles in its fleet to reach every Canadian home and business and believes that its long term economic health is directly linked to the health of employees, communities and the environment. The addition of these Azure Balance Hybrid Electric delivery vehicles is an important milestone in Canada Post’s drive to advance and adopt "new" technology that allows Canada Post to achieve its aggressive GHG reduction target and fuel economy improvement plans.

"Canada Post believes it is important to continue to explore greener avenues by investing in technology that reduces carbon emissions and lowers our overall environmental footprint," said Steve Clark, the corporation’s National Director of Fleet Management. "The addition to our fleet is a testament to Canada Post’s commitment to environmental sustainability."

"With electric-launch assist, engine-off at idle and regenerative braking, Azure vehicles are well suited to help Canada Post in its monumental task of efficiently delivering more than 11.8 billion letters and packages to 31 million Canadians and over one million businesses and institutions," said Jay Sandler, Azure Vice President of Sales. "Azure looks forward to adding our Balance Hybrid Electric vehicles to contribute to that effort."

"Canada Post is one of the nation’s largest companies in terms of both revenue and employees and boasts that it meets or exceeds its delivery standards 96% of the time," said Mike Elwood, Azure Vice President of Marketing. "Now Azure gets to ride along as the organization goes through its ‘postal transformation’ aimed in part at modernizing its fleet equipment. Our vehicles will once again become part of the solution."



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