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VPX backplanes upgraded

Elma Bustronic is upgrading its 3U and 6U VPX backplanes so that they are compatible with the new OpenVPX system interoperability efforts. Bustronic has first upgraded its 3U 6-slot OpenVPX backplane.

April 14, 2010  Staff

It features a centralized switching topology for a Gigabit Ethernet switch card. OpenVPX redefined two reserved P0/J0 signals Aux_Clk (+/-) and added two P1/J1 single ended Utility signals of GDiscrete and Maskable Reset. The SysCon signal is also now configurable. These changes will be implemented on the new backplane versions. Bustronic will also be updating its 17-slot VPX development backplane, 5-slot 6U VPX backplane, and 7-slot 6U Hybrid VPX backplane.


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