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Automotive-grade SMD fuse is AEC-Q200 compliant

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics AEC-Q200 AEC-Q200 fuse fuse SMD SMD

BOURNS SinglFuse automotive grade SMD fuse family includes SF-1206SA-W, SF-2410FPA-W, SF-2410FA-W, SF-0603HIA-M and SF-1206HIA-M models – all are fully compliant with firm’s internal AEC-Q200 equivalent test procedures to ensure rugged performance in a broad variety of applications that operate in certain harsh environments. 

SF-1206SA-W, SF-2410FA-W and SF-2410FPA-units provide slow blow, fast-acting and fast-acting precision fusing speeds in small form factor EIA1206 and 2410 packages. Products deliver enhanced voltage and current handling capabilities, more precise hot spot control along the fuse element, improved arcing suppression and inrush current withstand capability, and superior structural integrity when blown compared to older ceramic tube designs.

SF-0603HIA-M and SF-1206HIA-M model families were developed using firm’s advanced multilayer ceramic design that enables enhanced voltage and current handling capabilities. Offered in small 1206 and 0603 package sizes, these models feature high inrush current withstand capabilities and time-lag fusing speeds.

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