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Amplifier gain enhancement serves USB signal conditioning

Stephen Law   

Electronics Engineering Supply Chain

ALLIGATOR TECHNOLOGIES x10000 amplifier gain enhancement for their popular USB controlled USBPIA-S1 single channel programmable signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and the USBPGF-S1 instrumentation amplifier with low pass filter. Extremely configurable in a wide variety of applications, the completely software configurable USBPGF-S1 low pass filter is available in a wide range of filter characteristics and along with the USBPIA-S1 instrumentation amplifier can now amplify signals below 1mV to standard ADC resolvable levels. Each USBPxx-S1 has intelligence built in to configure itself from power-up with changeable but non-volatile parameters and operates independently in both a turn-key or host computer controlled scenario. http://www.alligatortech.com


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