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Digitizer reduces need for additional attenuation, signal conditioning circuits


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Keysight Technologies has announced the M9217A, a PXI Express based, single-slot 2-channel, isolated digitizer.

The M9217A carries a front-end supporting ±256 V input, with a sampling rate of 20 MSa/s and 16-bit resolution. This is similar to the L4532A LXI-based digitizers.
Keysight designed the M9217A’s individually isolated 2-channel inputs for high performance using an A/D converter per channel. This ensures the signals measured are accurately digitized without distortion or additional noise. Channel input range is configurable from ±250 mV up to ±256 V, with a floating voltage up to ±40 V to accommodate differential waveform acquisition.
“The wide input range of the M9217A at ±256 V helps to reduce the need for additional attenuation or signal conditioning circuits,” said NK Chari, director of marketing and support for Keysight Technologies’ Measurement Systems Division. “This saves customers test development time and money.”
Each channel comes with a 32M sample memory with the ability to record up to 1024 records, which engineers can configure by selecting the total number of samples, including pre-trigger samples. This enables the M9217A to digitize multiple bursts of data without the need for re-initialization between bursts.
The M9217A is ideal for analyzing high-voltage and transient signals in:
·       Mechatronics test
·       Automotive electronics test
·       Aerospace & Defense applications


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