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Digitally debugging mixed-signal designs


Electronics CEL

Tektronix Inc. has announced the MSO2000 mixed signal and DPO2000 digital phosphor oscilloscopes, which debug mixed-signal designs. Each series is available in models with bandwidths ranging from 100 to 200 MHz, two or four analog channels, serial triggering, protocol decode, a standard USB port and a seven-inch TFT display. The MSO2000 time-correlates analog and digital signals with up to four analog and 16 digital channels to troubleshoot the mixed signal portions of embedded systems. All models include integrated serial data triggering, protocol decoding and analysis capabilities.

Additionally, both series use FilterVu, a low-pass filter which blocks undesirable signal noise while still allowing glitch identification, and Wave Inspector, a search engine which works on all analogue and digital channels. Suggested uses include embedded system designs and educators teaching design principles. 


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