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Over-the-air wireless power dev kit accelerates Innovation on connected devices

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Eval kit allows potential partners to trial smart RF lensing technology

GuRu Wireless, Pasadena CA, an innovator in developing millimeter-wave (mmWave) wireless power solutions, today announced the availability of its new evaluation and developer kit. The company’s offering facilitates testing, evaluation, and proof-of-concept designs based on GuRu’s proprietary, 24GHz, smart RF lensing technology for various scenarios, distances and devices. The kit efficiently powers devices over-the-air at distances of three feet and beyond. At 24GHz, the solution leapfrogs others to enable significantly higher power over a longer distance, while reducing overall system size and cost. 

“GuRu received incredible feedback on prototypes unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show and is now excited to empower partners and OEMs for innovating products for staying powered and connected in meaningful ways,” says Florian Bohn, CEO of GuRu Wireless. “Via our latest evaluation kit, partners can assess potential use case scenarios and implement wireless power for desired applications.”

GuRu helps partners scale as needed according to the application, ranging from desktop to room-scale and beyond. Generator unit and recovery unit requirements, including size, power, cost, and design considerations and constraints, also factor into and drive overall system designs.


The eval kit for wireless power transmission over-the-air contains:

  • Transmitter: For desktop type environment, in a convenient, small form factor
  • Power Supply: 15/20 Volt DC for transmitter (industry-standard USB-C connector)
  • Recovery Unit: 5 Volt DC with a two-pin connector (Extra recovery units available upon request)
  • Software & Button Interface: For control and monitoring. Updates periodically available
  • Specialized Software and Hardware: Add-ons and updates available for partners

Developers can assess and incorporate GuRu’s 24GHz Smart RF Lensing power transfer, enabled via highly focused, intelligently-controlled millimeter waves for:

  • Increased power transfer, efficiency, distance
  • Smaller device size and lowered costs


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