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Resonators enable new alliance for wireless power (A4WP) commercial products

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High-efficiency resonators from Chicago-based NuCurrent, provider of wireless power antenna technology, have been selected for the first commercially available Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) certified products.

Already supporting solutions across Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards, NuCurrent resonators will now enable Gill Electronics Inc.’s newly-introduced TesLink Through Surface Transmitter, the first commercial product in support of the A4WP Rezence standard.

Powered by NuCurrent resonators, the TesLink transmitter works by connecting it to power and attaching it to the bottom of any non-metallic surface. This enables the work surface above to be ready for wireless charging, without having to alter the table surface with unsightly and damaging drill holes. By placing devices equipped with an A4WP Rezence compatible receiver in the charging area, they will charge just as quickly as they would by plugging in via a cord. Also, NuCurrent’s patented ML Wire and MLMT Antenna technology allow end-users to experience the benefits of improved wireless power transfer distance and flexibility in positioning their devices on the charging surface.

“As the wireless recharging technology space continues to explode with consumers seeking freedom from being tied to a cord, electronic device OEMs and integrators continue to turn to NuCurrent to help build in efficient wireless power capabilities into accessories, smartphones, cars and the places we visit every day like the coffee shop and office,” says Jacob Babcock, CEO, NuCurrent.


“Integrating NuCurrent’s high-efficiency resonator into our TesLink Through Surface Transmitter was a logical next step for us delivering enhanced performance to the real world use case for wireless power provided by the A4WP’s Rezence standard,” adds Brad Miller, director, advanced development, Gill Electronics. “By partnering with NuCurrent, our customers’ products can now feature technology that allows improved simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different power requirements, by simply placing them on the furniture, work surface, or auto console without any cords.”


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