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Montreal AI firm launches advanced platform

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Stradigi AI unveils artificial intelligence platform called Kepler, appoints will.i.am as AI advisor, bias and ethics

Stradigi AI, a leading Montreal-based artificial intelligence solutions company, today officially launched Kepler, one of the world’s most advanced AI platforms,  at C2 Montréal. Stradigi AI’s industry-leading research team, headed by Carolina Bessega, PhD and Jaime Camacaro, PhD, develops cutting-edge AI algorithms to identify and solve complex business challenges for both business and governments. Stradigi AI’s unique platform houses powerful, state-of-the-art AI solutions that are ready to scale and be adapted across industries including retail, finance, insurance and health, driving rapid ROI and tangible results for its users.

Stradigi AI, a leading Montreal-based AI solutions company, today launched the Kepler AI platform at C2 Montréal with CEO Basil Bouraropoulos, newly appointed AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics will.i.am, and Chief Scientific Officer Carolina Bessega, PhD. The Canadian Press Images PHOTO/Stradigi AI.

Kepler will revolutionize the way clients can interact with AI solutions as the first platform on the market to leverage three types of algorithms—proprietary algorithms from Stradigi AI’s own research lab, hybrids that are customized in-house from open source algorithms to make them more performant, and open source algorithms. With a focus on Natural Language Understanding, Strategic Decision-Making, Image and Video Understanding, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems, Prediction Systems and Automated Machine Learning, Kepler by Stradigi AI allows for the rapid input and layering of said technologies within the platform for transformative results.

Huge milestone for Stradigi AI

“The launch of Kepler is a huge milestone for Stradigi AI,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, Co-Founder and CEO of Stradigi AI. “Our brilliant team has worked tirelessly over the last several years to deliver a state-of-the-art AI platform that enables companies to efficiently deploy AI into their business to augment their performance, gain new insights, optimize processes, and make better decisions like never before.”

In parallel with the launch of Kepler, the company also proudly announces the appointment of will.i.am, Futurist and tech entrepreneur, to the role of AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics, and his nomination to Stradigi AI’s advisory board. As a creative innovator and philanthropist committed to leveraging technology to enhance people’s lives and work, will.i.am will collaborate with Stradigi AI’s team of developers and content creators to guide further development of the Kepler platform and help create AI products that empower people.


will.i.am is also an investor in Stradigi AI, aligned with the company on shared values and a common mission to create a future where technology assists humans to be smarter and more efficient.

Pursuit of non-bias, ethical AI implementations

A member of two World Economic Forum (WEF) working groups, the Fourth Industrial Revolution Advisory Committee (4IR) and its Global Artificial Intelligence Council,  will.i.am will also bring invaluable insights to help inform  Stradigi AI in its pursuit of non-bias, ethical AI implementations, with ethics at the forefront of decisions the company makes.

Basil Bouraropoulos stated, “We are at a very important inflection point for our company, which is why now is the perfect time to expand our team with the appointment of will.i.am to the key role of AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics. With his focus on bias & ethics in AI and his experience founding, investing in and advising a range of tech companies, will.i.am will help propel our company into a new era of growth. We are extremely proud to welcome him to the Stradigi AI family.”

“I’m an optimist about Artificial Intelligence and the role it will play in society because I believe in humanity.  AI is taking society into a whole new era of Automated Enlightenment. I take this role seriously, and commend Stradigi AI for recognizing the need to include it, to put people first.” said will.i.am, newly appointed AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics at Stradigi AI.



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