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Shimifrez expands services for OLED, semiconductor, thin film industry

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Toronto fabricator of precision photo chemically etched and electroformed metal components now provides super thin electroformed masks

Shimifrez Inc., a Toronto-based leader in fabricating precision photo chemically etched and electroformed metal components, has expanded its services to now provide shadow masks and micro machining services to OLED, solar and research institutions globally. 

Metal masks are often used in evaporation or sputtering processes of structured metal or oxide layers. With the increasing requirements on precision and structure resolution, electroformed masks become more prevalent, according to Hassan Nojoumi, president and CEO of Shimifrez.

“Electroformed masks are characterized by vertical, burr-free edges and super sharp corners,” Nojoumi says. “The shadow masks are made in nickel which has the additional advantage of magnetic attraction to the substrate surface, so that the deposition of very sharp edges is possible.”

Electroformed stencils are attracting more interest

With the continuously increasing requirements on precision and pattern resolution, electroformed stencils are attracting more and more interest, Nojoumi notes.


“If you’re working on using vapor deposition to make OLEDs and other organic circuitry, our custom shadow masks are typically made from stainless steel but are also available in nickel and other alloys. In the printed circuit board, semiconductor and solar industry, screen printing stencils are used to print the conductor tracks,” he adds.


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