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IRC Advanced Film Division has developed a series of thin film surface mount attenuators capable of high frequency performance in wireless applications.

For precision tolerances and environmental stability, IRC uses its proprietary TaNFilm technology, a tantalum nitride film process. The PFC A1206 attenuator is available in custom resistances for wireless applications such as satellite, radar and microwave data links. The stable TaNFilm material makes these attenuators suitable for use in markets such as military and avionics. The PFC attenuator series features an attenuation range of 1dB up to 20dB (typically from DC to 6GHz), giving it the capability to manage signal amplitude over a broad spectrum in the high frequency range. Impedance values are 50ohms and absolute TCRs are ±100ppm/∫C. The package measures 0.024 x 0.063 x 0.126 inches.
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