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Mouser to distribute SparkFun open source hardware

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Agreement provides diverse array of dev tools to support pro-makers

Strengthening its support of the ‘maker’ movement, Mouser Electronics Inc. has reached a distribution agreement to handle SparkFun’s extensive product ecosystems.

Mouser’s catalog now incorporates over 500 SparkFun products, including SparkFun’s signature Arduino Pro, RedBoard, and LilyPad tools, empowering customers at the industrial and enterprise level to utilize maker technology in their advanced projects.

SparkFun’s extensive product ecosystems cater to ‘Maker’ movement

SparkFun’s Arduino Pro 328 and Arduino Pro Mini 328 are affordable, low-profile boards that allow engineers to easily prototype a design for an AVR microcontroller and the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE). Both boards are available in standard 5V/16MHz versions as well as 3.3V/8MHz versions that work with lower-voltage sensor shields without requiring a logic level converter. The boards include pinout pads instead of headers, which allow engineers to place connectors or wires in any orientation.


SparkFun RedBoard products provide the standard Arduino form factor for prototyping, combining the simplicity of the Uno’s Optiboot bootloader (used in the Pro series), the stability of the FTDI FT231X, and the shield compatibility of the latest Arduino Uno R3. Pro-makers using the RedBoard will find a wealth of online knowledge and resources for working with this board during the prototype phase, and with female headers, it also reduces the need for soldering.


Newest Products tab 

Mouser Electronics Inc., recently unveiled a new feature that simplifies the way customers can browse and search for products on its website, Mouser.com. With the Newest Products tab, customers can now quickly view the newest products while navigating by product category.

Mouser customers can find product information via the Newest Products tab, as well as by images or by datasheets, in addition to searching for products through the site’s parametric Product Search. Mouser knows that time is money and that nobody wants to waste time with end-of-life products. This is one more way where Mouser sets itself apart in the industry.



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