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Off-loading intelligence: When machines decide


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On Nov 1st in Calgary and Nov 3rd in Edmonton, the Alberta Council of Technologies and the Alberta ICT Council will unveil an array of current and futuristic applications of artificial intelligence during a conference called "Off-loading Intelligence - When machines decide!"

<divSince the advent of the computer chip, innovation has shifted away from leveraging muscle with machines to replacing the mind with decision-making devices.

Businesses that win the mind/body battle now raging outside the laboratory will own the future.

The shift from muscle to mind constitutes a whole new revolution: huge, gigantic databases are being sifted through and merged to improve safety and service, productivity and control. People are being replaced with apps that decide, making autonomous transportation, man-less mines, smart homes and smart grids, remote surgery, sensing and surveillance, to name a few, probable in the near future.

Stuart Lomas, VP with ABCtech and a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Computing Science, reflecting on the Conference theme, said that "Today the computer chip is rapidly transforming how and where we work and play, shop and learn. New apps are being unleashed daily. Our presenters and attendees will explore how they are already changing entire industries and where will it end, who’s in charge, and ‘Why AI and why Alberta?’"


"We were surprised” he added, “to see what’s already in place here in Alberta and what’s in store for mining, education and health care, shopping and banking, dating and playing, transportation and smart homes, manufacturing and utilities, surveillance and control, and more."

Invited keynote addresses will explore the implications for ethics and the challenge to employment, governance, and Alberta’s economy.


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