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Japanese want hacker protection for home devices

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Survey shows at international trade fair electronica

Japanese consumers are concerned about hacker attacks on smart electronics in their homes, according to survey results of international attendees at the electronica trade fair in Munich Germany this week.

The survey of 7,000 consumers in seven countries around the world, including 1,000 from Japan, showed that 75% want an automated update service that would prevent unauthorized access to data in electronic devices over the Internet.

Generally speaking, 70% of Japanese consumers have a positive view of the latest generation of electronic devices, which are connected to the Internet. Smart-home networking is revolutionizing washing machines, vacuum cleaners and heating systems. But Japanese consumers also recognize the data risks associated with smart electronics. With that in mind, 70% want the option of securing their personal data themselves—instead of only relying on external security procedures.

Still, the topic of security isn’t just an issue when it comes to protecting data in electronic devices. Many Japanese also see smart electronics as a good way to reduce risk in many areas of their lives.


Other survey results show:

  • 79% are in favor of future electronic devices such as alert systems that make it safe for older people to stay in their own homes longer.
  • *60% gave top marks to smart-home technology that electronically monitors windows, doors and shutters.
  • 74% want a car that autonomously alerts the police and reports its location when stolen.


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