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Crea.vision to launch artificial intelligence computer vision sensor

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British-Canadian AI startup Crea.vision will participate in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to showcase their technology that will make indoor location-based services more reliable, autonomous, and hacker-proof. 

Home automation has moved from sci-fi movies into ordinary peoples’ lives. This holiday season, one-third of Americans have plans to purchase a smart home device. While connected lights, thermostats, locks, and speakers are supposed to simplify their owner’s life, too often, they complicate it instead. The need for multiple apps, voice, and screen-controlled devices limits the usefulness of the technology and increases the fear of hacking.

Crea.vision has developed the proprietary technology which employs long-range computer vision, artificial intelligence, and biometrics to provide effortless automation, security and monitoring services from a single easy to install device.

Now, users don’t have to manage their smart devices through screen or voice commands. Crea.vision’s sensor combines real-time user ID and location data, creating a robust deep learning system which will enable unprecedented personalization without dependence on smartphones and wearables. It will effectively learn each user’s preferences and eliminate the need for complicated programming of “smart” tasks and scenes.


In a household, it will automatically adjust connected devices’ settings for the ultimate comfort. It will unobtrusively keep an eye on the wellbeing of those who may need assistance and promptly alert their caregivers in case of emergency. Crea.vision will also add a new level of security by timely notifying the owners if an unauthorized person is detected in the house.

To address growing concerns regarding the cybersecurity and privacy, Crea.vision’s sensor has been designed to run all processing on the device itself without connection to the cloud. Users’ data is encrypted and accessible to authorized devices only.

“Being enthusiastic early adopters of new technologies, my co-founder and I have experienced the first-hand frustration of dealing with limitless apps controlling too many gizmos. We believe the real intelligence can only be achieved with the shift from transactional user interfaces (screen or voice controlled systems) to fully autonomous ones. Only then, technology will become truly helpful and unobtrusive,” said the company’s CEO Victor Mudretsov.



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