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Solar Semiconductor announces Sonepar Canada as distribution partner


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Solar Semiconductor - a producer of photovoltaic (PV) products - announced a strategic partner with Sonepar - a distributor of Electrical and Solar PV products in Canada and worldwide.

This partnership “will give contractors and installers access to supply Solar PV kits meeting the Ontario domestic content requirement,” said Solar Semiconductor. It should be a win-win for both companies.

“With Solar Semiconductor’s high quality consciousness and focus on building solar solutions, this strategic relationship will have great synergies and ability to maximize product opportunities,” said Mr. Nava Akkineni, executive vice president at Solar Semiconductor. “With this partnership, Solar Semiconductor is expected to achieve significant market penetration in Canada coupled with exceptional customer service and streamlined transaction procedures.”

“It is essential for Sonepar that we have a stable supplier of high quality modules, whose growth plans and product road map align well with our own development plans and requirements,” said Mr. David Rycroft, vice president at Sonepar Canada. “In Solar Semiconductor, we have found [that].”



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