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Lyric Semiconductor launches new kind of computing with probability processing


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Lyric Semiconductor, Inc. - a fabless semiconductor company - launched a new technology called probability processing. According to Lyric, it is "poised to deliver a fundamental change in processing performance and power consumption."

The probability processing technology, called Lyric Error Correction (LEC), is supposed to “calculate in a completely new way” and is the “first commercial application of probability processing,” said Lyric. It offers a 30X reduction in die size and a 12X improvement in power consumption.

Lyric calls this technology an alternative to digital computing, as they are redesigning processing circuits “from the ground up.” They hope to have applications that require a thousand conventional processors today, to run on just one Lyric processor in the future (a 1,000X efficiencies in cost, power and size).

To do so, Lyric “has invented a new kind of logic gate circuit” to perform operates instead of the standard bits in computing today (1s and 0s). It uses transistors as dimmer switches instead of as on/off switches. “These circuits can accept inputs and calculate outputs that are between 0 and 1, directly representing probabilities – levels of certainty.”

Lyric says that its approach can “accelerate search, fraud detection, spam filtering, financial modeling, genome sequence analysis, and many other important present and future applications that involve simultaneously considering many possible alternatives and deciding on the best fit.”


Lyric’s LEC technology is currently available for license, accompanied by support services enabling product integration within 12 months. Beyond LEC, the first GP5 will begin sampling in 2013.


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