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World's fastest real-time oscilloscopes with 32 GHz true analog bandwidth


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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscope family with industry-leading, real-time bandwidth of 32 GHz. Ten new models range from 16 GHz to 32 GHz and are bandwidth upgradable.

These new scopes deliver the lowest noise and have the lowest jitter measurement floor in the industry, ensuring superior measurement accuracy, the company says.

“Agilent is excited to have achieved clear performance leadership in our new oscilloscope lineup,” said Jay Alexander, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s oscilloscopes business. “Our customers have demanding roadmaps, so it is important for us to deliver the high-bandwidth test capabilities they need.”

The accompanying probing system offers browsing to 30 GHz with a full range of accessories rated to 28 GHz and the ability to upgrade bandwidth in the future. In addition, the 90000 X-Series scopes offer more than 40 measurement-specific application packages including jitter, triggering, measurement, and analysis tools and full compliance certification test suites.


Engineers working with high-energy physics, emerging wireline communication standards, and high-speed serial data links, such as USB, SAS, or PCI Express, use oscilloscopes to capture fast, single-shot events and to make critical measurements like jitter while ensuring compliance to industry standards for interoperability. With data rates in the next few years extending beyond 10 Gbps, engineers need oscilloscopes that can deliver higher-bandwidth measurements.

Worldwide response to evaluation units has been extremely positive. “The banner specifications impressed me, and we’ve already seen it functioning,” said Charles Moore, chief SerDes architect and Avago Technologies Fellow. “Based on Agilent’s history of delivering clean instruments, I expect the Infiniium 90000 X-Series to improve our ability to characterize our ever-faster SerDes.”

Agilent invested in a proprietary indium phosphide (InP) integrated circuit process to enable high-frequency capability while yielding the industry’s lowest noise floor and jitter measurement floor. Custom aluminum nitride packaging technology combines five InP chips in the front-end multichip module which incorporates unique noise shielding and heat dissipation techniques.

Detail of the 90000 X-Series MultiChip Module

This breakthrough technology gives the new Infiniium 90000-X Series scopes true analog hardware performance to 32 GHz. Other vendors, limited to 16 GHz hardware technology blocks, employ various techniques such as digital signal processing boosting and frequency domain interleave to increase the bandwidth specification of their scopes. However, these methods increase noise density and distortions with detrimental impact on measurement accuracy.

The new Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes measure random jitter at approximately 50 percent of the level reported by competitive products. This increased measurement accuracy returns critical design margin to engineers. This is made possible through the following key characteristics:

• industry’s lowest noise floor (2 mV at 50 mV/div, 32 GHz);

• industry’s lowest oscilloscope jitter measurement floor (~150 femtoseconds); and

• industry’s deepest memory (2 Gpts).

“Oscilloscopes are a core product category for Agilent,” said Ron Nersesian, president and general manager of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group. “Bringing our latest technology innovations to market demonstrates our sustained commitment to growing the business by offering superior measurement solutions.”

Additional information on Agilent’s new Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes and the company’s complete line of oscilloscopes is available at www.agilent.com/find/90000X-Series.
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