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Portable Oscilloscopes Have Bandwidth Up to 1 GHz


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Agilent Technologies Canada Inc. has introduced 12 portable digital storage and mixed signal oscilloscopes (DSOs/MSOs) with bandwidths of 300 MHz, 500 MHz and the industry?s first portable 1 GHz offering.

The 6000 series can show critical events in complex waveforms, reducing design verification and debug time. These oscilloscopes provide waveform viewing and measurement insight for embedded system designers in the aerospace/defense, automotive, communications and consumer electronics industries.
 These oscilloscopes feature Agilent?s patented MegaZoom III display technology. MegaZoom III provides real-time, high-resolution XGA waveform viewing with 256 levels of colour-intensity grades, and memory depth up to 8 Meg points. The MegaZoom III?s dynamic range in the Z-axis provides high waveform display quality.
 Hardware developers often need to isolate events of interest or view critical relationships on more than the limited number of channels available in traditional oscilloscopes. MSOs provide the seamless integration of scope and logic timing channels for time-aligned viewing and triggering across any or all input channels. Customers can initially order a 2+16 or 4+16 channel MSO or a traditional DSO and upgrade to an MSO configuration later.


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