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Methodology to Control Audio Frequency Response


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Quickfilter Technologies Inc., a fabless semiconductor company that develops mixed-signal ICs based on a programmable finite impulse response (FIR) engine for analogue and digital signal processing, and Real Sound Lab, the company that has developed the world’s first Acoustic Power Equalizer, have collaborated to produce a methodology that enables audio engineers to control frequency response in audio applications. The resulting collaborative methodology can be applied to a wide range of applications ranging from professional sound reinforcement to different products in the consumer audio electronics market segment.
 The collaborative methodology combines the Real Sound Lab CONEQ (CONvolution EQualizer), a software-based technology for automated and detailed equalization of acoustic systems, with the Quickfilter QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine (SavFIRe) programmable digital filter. The CONEQ technology generates a speaker transfer function representing the acoustic power of the speaker along with the inverse transfer function which can be imported into the QF1D512 IC. The resulting FIR takes minutes to design and implement.
www.quickfiltertech.com    www.realsoundlab.com


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