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Mouser answers the call of design engineers with new audio applications site


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Mouser Electronics, Inc. has announced the launch of an Audio Applications training site devoted to the newest products and developments for sound engineering.

The audio industry has weathered recent economic conditions without missing a beat. With classic audio components at the core, industry-leading suppliers have raised the bar to a new standard of performance with product features that provide more control, flexibility, and quality than ever before. Today, audio engineers are enjoying a revitalization of design possibilities.

When one hears the word audio, the tendency is to think in terms of music and entertainment. However, the term’s true scope is much broader and encompasses an entire spectrum of devices and industries. The Mouser Audio Applications site focuses on solutions for noise cancellation, wireless headphones, guitar wiring, and soundbar technology. Each application features system block diagram navigation for ease of reference. All functions are enabled with links directing engineers to a selection of recommended parts from major component manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Maxim IC, Bourns and NXP Semiconductors.

The Audio Applications site features interesting articles from Vintage Guitar Magazine and from Neutrik, a leading provider of state-of-the-art audio connectors. In addition, the education site contains audio resources such as technical documents, application notes, and videos, as well as comprehensive overviews for all focus applications.

To learn more, visit http://www.mouser.com/audio_applications/.



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