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Stamped metal antennas deliver compactness, multiple frequencies

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L-COM Line of stamped metal AP/router embedded antennas provide combination of performance, ultra-compactness and ruggedness. The omnidirectional units provide uniform coverage in all directions with isotropic radiation patterns. The signals are optimized with linear polarization and deliver typical gain up to 5.1dBi and maximum gain up to 6.52dBi. Products feature frequency stabilization and have a maximum input VSWR of 2:1. Devices cover frequencies from 1800 to 7125MHz and are provided with single or dual bands. Options with the single-band models are 1800-1900MHz, 1880-1900MHz, 2400-2500MHz, 5150-5825MHz, and 5900-7125MHz. Options with the dual-band models are 2400-2500 and 4900-5825MHz, 2400-2500 and 5150-5825MHz, and 2412-2484 and 5150-5825MHz.

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