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Solder paste storage units deliver traceability

SUPER DRY Model XSDC 601 solder paste storage cabinets for solder paste, brings both temperature control and 4.0 traceability, while eliminating the uncontrolled management of solder inventory. Refrigerated storage prolongs the shelf life of solder paste and upon delivery, it should be directly placed into refrigerated storage, typically <10°C. Generally, solder paste is stable at temperatures less than 25°C but if exposed to temperatures >30°C for extended periods of time may no longer perform as expected. Units, with network compatibility, maintain an internal temperature of 2 – 20°C with little energy expenditure. Constructed from dual wall insulated stainless steel, units incorporate 40KG capacity shelves and provide complete traceability of the storage conditions and environment history. http://www.superdry-totech.com

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