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Smart reflow analyzer tracks reflow oven stability

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials integrated fixture integrated fixture profiler profiler Reflow Analyzer) Reflow Analyzer)

KIC THERMAL SRA (Smart Reflow Analyzer) is an integrated fixture and profiler specifically designed for collecting reflow oven related data to analyze and track machine stability from run to run, and over time. As it contains a built-in data collection module, it is an all-in-one smart fixture. This means that the SRA can be used independently no matter whose profiler you may currently have. Unit has six embedded thermocouples – three Air TCs and three Mass TCs – which are used to calculate and display a variety of data for each oven zone such as measured zone temperatures and side to side uniformity. With the use of the SRA, users also are able to identify changes in heat transfer in a zone over time, through the display of HTI (Heat Transfer Index).


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