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Smart multi-sensor wireless module serves IoT designs

August 1, 2020  Stephen Law

TDK CORP. SmartBug MD-42688-P multi-sensor wireless module leverages firm’s MEMS sensors and algorithms for a wide range of IoT applications. Module combines six sensors, a powerful wireless (BLE) MCU, seven algorithm-driven features and a rechargeable battery, all in a small lady-bug enclosure. Device also comes with the option of an Add-On board that includes a Wi-Fi module, an SD card slot and an ultrasonic sensor from TDK. The integrated SHTC3 is a digital humidity and temperature sensor optimized for battery-driven applications and high-volume consumer electronics. The sensor has been designed to overcome conventional limits in size and power ratio in order to fulfill the requirements of the consumer electronics market. Device utilizes Sensirion’s CMOSens technology, which offers a complete sensor system on a single chip. The small 2 x 2 x 0.75 mm3 DFN package enables applications in even the smallest of spaces. The sensor covers a humidity measurement range of 0% to 100% RH and a temperature measurement range of -40°C to 125°C with a typical accuracy of ±2% RH and ±0.2°C. The broad supply voltage of 1.62 V to 3.6 V and an energy budget of under 1 ?J per measurement make the SHTC3 perfectly suited to mobile or wireless applications powered by battery. 

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