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SMT mounters deliver placement capacity of 80,000 components per hour

August 2, 2020  Stephen Law

HANWHA TECHWIN AUTOMATION HM520 Modular SMT Mounters offer a placement capacity of 80,000 components per hour, vs the industry standard of 20k CPH. This includes miniaturization placement of the 008004 components (smaller than 01005) with 100% 3D vision inspection. System configures a flexible production line by applying a modular head and various production modes. System realizes unmanned, non-stop, and zero-defect production using the Smart Factory S/W Solution. The high performance system provides a compact foot print, auto-calibrating maintenance free feeders, and modular heads. The HS (High Speed) Head offers a 20 Spindle x 2 Gantry, 80,000 CPH, ±25 μm @ Cpk ≥ 1.0, 0201 metric ~ 6 mm (H 2 mm). The MF (Multi-Function) Head features a 6 Spindle x 2 Gantry, 60,000 CPH, ±30 μm @ Cpk ≥ 1.0, 0402 metric ~ 55 mm (H 15 mm). 

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