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Single sweep VNA-spectrum analyzer supports 70kHz to 220GHz

Stephen Law   

Electronics Test & Measurement test VNA

ANRITSU VectorStar vector network analyzer (VNA) family delivers comprehensive spectrum analysis capability to create a single sweep VNA-spectrum analyzer solution that supports 70kHz to 220GHz. With the spectrum analyzer option installed, unit can conduct single connection VNA and spectrum-based measurements to create a more efficient and accurate testing environment to verify active and passive devices during the design, troubleshooting, or characterization stages. The spectrum analyzer option is compatible with all baseband VectorStar models – broadband and banded system configurations. Integrating VNA/spectrum analyzer capability provides engineers with an innovative method to quickly transfer a challenging VNA measurement to the spectrum analyzer – without changing the test setup or using multiple instruments. It is particularly beneficial for applications involving mixers and amplifiers, including those with multiple outputs or input-output comparisons. Simultaneous, sequential S-parameter and spectrum analysis are possible with the instrument. Spectral domain measurements of harmonics, spurious, other distortion products, and general frequency content can be made effectively with the single-instrument solution. It allows engineers to analyze VNA-like and spectrum-analyzer-like response of a device under test (DUT).

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