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Silicon capacitor supports increased power needs

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management capacitors power process silicon Technology

MURATA SiCap extension silicon process technology within silicon capacitors supports the highest performances of new power distribution networks (PDN) that require low impedance over a wide frequency bandwidth, including the mobile and high-performance computing (HPC) markets. The technology  delivers a density of 1.3µF/mm², <40µm profile and provides low ESL and ESR. These multi-terminal devices satisfy the various SoC and microprocessor design requirements for multiple terminal capacitor networks. The Sci-Cap products replace conventional monolithic ceramic capacitors with multi-terminal silicon devices. This technology reduces the total quantity of capacitors required on the board, which improves the compactness of design and minimizing current path length and parasitic levels. Fewer capacitors leads to savings in both bill of materials and mounting costs.

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