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Rework system automates removal of residual solder

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials equipment ersa production rework system

KURTZ ERSA Auto Scavenger Module is an extension to Ersa HR 600 XL rework platform for large electronic assemblies, designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of non-contact removal of residual solder from circuit boards. Module represents an advancement in rework technology. With three simple clicks, users can define the specific area on the assembly where residual solder needs to be removed after desoldering a component. Module then automatically identifies the required tracks and initiates the cleaning process promptly, while ensuring the board remains preheated. Featuring cleaning speeds ranging from 1 mm/s to 3 mm/s, module ensures efficient and thorough removal of residual solder from large electronic assemblies. Moreover, users have the flexibility to fine-tune the cleaning performance by adjusting parameters such as nitrogen temperature and track speed. Individual profiles can be saved for each assembly, enabling a customized and optimized cleaning process.

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