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Rechargeable Li-Ion coin cell battery boosts mAh capacity

ILLINOIS CAPACITOR RJD Series advanced rechargeable coin cell battery delivers high level of mAh capacity. Ideal for such electronic devices as fitness bands, security devices, smart watches, dash cams and memory backup, product is different in design from other lithium ion coin-cell batteries. A new encapsulation technology significantly increases storage capacity by utilizing the complete space within the cell case. Product delivers an improved failure rate, increased performance levels, while product run time can be increased by 20% or more vs. a conventional lithium rechargeable coin cell battery. Encapsulation, unlike conventional stacking construction, has resolved older manufacturing issues which can affect safety and reliability. Alternatively, if product design is most critical, performance levels can be maintained with a physically smaller cell. Because of the internal encapsulation construction, UL-Listed devices delivder reliability and safety. Batteries are available in eight different capacity levels, leaded or with conventional flat terminals. Each is rated at: 3.7Vdc (4.2Vdc to 3.0Vdc). Operating temperature range is -20°C to +60°C. 


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