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Reach-in thermal shock chamber meets test standards

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TENNEY ENVIRONMENTAL Reach-in thermal shock chamber provides various types of thermal shock testing and is designed with a 2-zone vertical configuration. Unit meets applicable test standards including MIL-STD202 Method 107, MIL-STD883 Method 1010, MIL-STD 750-1A, and more. Product under test is cycled between temperature extremes to expose faults in design or manufacturing. This cycling occurs by transferring the product basket between the vertical zones via an automated carriage transport system with a 200-pound load capacity. Test chamber features an 8 cubic foot workspace and an overall height of 80” for ease of move-in. The work chamber dimensions are 25.5” W x 25.5” D x 21.75” H. The maximum temperature of the hot chamber is 200°C and 40°C for the cold chamber. The minimum temperature for the hot chamber is above ambient and -73°C for the cold chamber.

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