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Pulse precision thick film chip resistors are anti-surge

January 27, 2020  Stephen Law

KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS SG73P Series of anti-surge, pulse precision thick film chip resistors provide improved power ratings by size – 0.2W (0402), 0.33W (0603), 0.5W (0805), 0.75W (1206), and 1.0W (1210). Devices provide tolerances from ±0.5% to ±5%, T.C.R. of ±100 and ±200ppm/°C and resistance values ranging from 1~ 10MΩ. Devices enable engineers to downsize circuits and reduce the number of components required for a design. Products deliver 200% improvement in power ratings and pulse withstanding voltages compared to firm’s standard thick film series resistors. Devices are AEC-Q200 qualified.

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