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Pin, slant fin heat sinks cool components

Stephen Law   

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ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS Pin and Slant Fin heat sinks made from lightweight, extruded aluminum to provide low-cost cooling solutions for many hot pcb components. Pin Fin sinks have a high efficiency design that harnesses cooling airflow from any direction. Devices reliably perform in spatially constrained pcb layouts where the airflow direction is variable. The pin fin field has low pressure drop characteristics for effective cooling in low airflow environments. The combined large surface areas of the pins and base increases overall heat sink performance. Where space allows, taller and denser pin fin fields, with higher aspect ratios to their bases, further increase heat dissipating surfaces to provide even higher cooling performance. Both Pin Fin and Slant Fin heat sinks are available for component sizes 10 x 10mm up to 60 x 60mm, and standard heights from 2 to 25mm.

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