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One-part silicone passes non-cytotoxicity standards

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MASTER BOND MasterSil 711Med one-part, flowable, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone passes ISO 10993-5 testing and is designed for medical device manufacturing. Product requires no mixing, and can be used for bonding, sealing, coating and form-in-place gasketing applications. The non-corrosive, translucent compound withstands many sterilization methods, including liquid sterilants, gamma radiation and EtO. Product cures very quickly upon exposure to humidity or moisture. Curing speed is influenced by the humidity level, with higher humidity in the applied areas resulting in a faster cure. Additionally, thinner sections cure more quickly than thicker ones. Tack-free time at 75°F and over 50% humidity is 2-5 minutes. Once cured, it delivers high temperature resistance up to 400°F. This compound is electrically insulative, with a volume resistivity greater than 1014 ohm-cm at room temperature.

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