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Silicones seize the daylight

With the rapid development of the Global Solar PV Market as the world's fastest growing energy source, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) has recently introduced a diverse line of advanced performance, silicone-based products specifically designed for applications that benefit from energy harvesting solar photovoltaics (PV).

March 9, 2010  Staff

Designed to improve reliability and stable operation due to their unique property features, Shin-Etsu’s PV line is comprised of two key product categories that cover potting & sealing applications including potting materials for junction boxes sealing materials for solar panel frames and junction boxes.

KE-200, KE-200F, KE-210 and KE-210F potting materials are designed to weatherproof solar panel junction boxes; thus protecting the valuable electronics encapsulated inside, these two-component silicone potting materials quickly cure at room temperature-making the junction box both corrosion and moisture proof. Major benefits include: superior adhesion strength to various substrates, excellent heat stability – no reversion under airtight conditions, high dielectric breakdown strength, and easy reparability.

KE-45, KE-4828, KE-220 sealing materials for solar panel frames and junction boxes, comprised of one and two-component silicone sealants, are engineered for sealing the junction box (J-Box) to the back sheet and also provide a water proof seal between the PV panel and the frame.  Their performance properties include strong adhesion to back sheet materials such as PVF and PET, super fast room-temperature cure, and excellent weatherability and electrical insulation.

Notable PV application benefits for potting: 
• Super fast curing at room temperature-panel can be turned over within 60 min.
• Strong adhesion strength to various substrates.
• Excellent weather resistance and heat stability under airtight conditions-no reversion.
• Well suited for automated dispensing equipment-ideal for mass production.
• Reduced low-molecular-weight siloxane S(D3 to D10) <300 ppm.
• UL94 V-0 equivalent (KE-210, KE-210F).


Notable PV application benefits for sealing:
• Super fast room temperature cure (KE-220).
• Excellent adhesive property to the back sheet materials such as PVF and PET.
• Maintains good elasticity over a wide temperature range (-40° to 180°C).
• Superior weatherability and electrical insulation properties.

Eric Bishop is with Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc., ebishop@shinetsusilicones.com.

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