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Nano-power precision P-Channel MOSFET meets always-on power demands

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors MOSFET semiconductor

ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES Nano-power precision P-Channel EPAD MOSFET array is a matched pair circuit designed for the next generation of products requiring extremely low power applications and mostly-on operation. Device simplifies bias circuitry while optimizing power usage. Device provides precision-matched Gate Threshold Voltages of -.20V ± 0.02V, which enhances I/O signal operating ranges, particularly in extremely low operating voltage environments. Precise offset voltages (VOS) within 1mV are typical. Low minimum operating voltage is less than 0.2V, and ultra-low operating current is less than 1nA. It also features matched transconductance and output conductance. Device is designed for switching and amplifying applications in -0.40V to -8.0V (±0.20V to ±4.0V) systems where low input bias current, low input capacitance and fast switching speeds are required.

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