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Multicore DSP drives automotive applications

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Electronics Semiconductors digital multicore Processor signal

ASAHI KASEI MICRODEVICES (AKM) AK7709VQ multicore digital signal processor (DSP) is designed for next-generation in-vehicle sound design. Device enables real-time large-scale computational processing required to provide an immersive sound experience for passengers. further boosts the potential for a natural and immersive in-vehicle sound experience. With a processing capability of 7,000MIPS (Millions of Instructions per Second) and 2.75MB of integrated memory, device performs real-time high-resolution audio processing for multi-channel speaker arrays, enabling a quiet cabin with immersive, incredibly detailed music playback. Additionally, the two integrated HiFi 4 DSP cores support various third-party software. Device’s unique feature set delivers high sample rate multi-microphone voice processing, also allows for hands-free and in-car communication. The built-in audio hub function includes 20 channels of asynchronous hardware sample rate conversion (ASRC), and supports flexible digital input/output to and from many digital sources and endpoints.

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